St. Peter’s School in Buriangi

It is finished! Complete!

On November 8 2020 the festive opening of St.Peter’s school in Buriangi took place!

There are 12 classrooms for primary education, 4 classrooms for the toddlers and 3 toilet facilities, one for the girls, one for the boys and one for the teachers. There is a building for management and board, for administration and teachers. A building for security. A sewing workshop where the school uniforms are made and repaired, a hairdresser’s where the children’s hair is shaved once a week, and a shop in which school supplies are sold. A full book case for every classroom so the children can change their books once a week. A sports field and a playground with equipment.

In short: complete!

The board and management have been trained, as well as the teachers, parents and children. Every single one of them is aware of his or her personal contribution to durable continuation of the school. The trainings for the new board, installed mid-2019, will be continued in 2020. The first pupils are finishing school and many of them go to secondary education. The school results are high, and the school and parents are now looking for financial means to make further education possible for every single child.

A tremendous amount of work has been done by all local people involved, and thanks to the charity runs of the Vleuterweide and Nijenoord school, as well as the co-financing by Wilde Ganzen the school could be completed.

As an extra means of stimulation, we offered the school a ‘climate-friendly’ kitchen. It will be built in 2020: by the school itself and completely independently. A good challenge for management and board!

Preparations to start a project for the mothers of the school children have now started, together with the regional Soroptimists: “Women, Water and Leadership”. The first research activities have already started. We hope to be able to tell you more about this initiative soon.