Our commitment

For Hoog Tijd voor Andersom (Change is on its way) the essence of development work is stimulating people to take responsibility for themselves: after all every person owns his or her own future. Hoog Tijd voor Andersom believes that people must be supported in their ownership in order to realise personal and shared aims.

Hoog Tijd voor Andersom states that it

  • regards injustice as one of the main causes of poverty;
  • believes that every human being has the right to receive a fair income, food, health care, education, a safe life and the opportunity to let his or her voice be heard.
  • wants to support people that come up for their rights, fight for a decent living and try to reduce famine, poverty and exploitation
  • wants to commit itself to actions that are directly or indirectly connected to the above statements or can be beneficial to the above statements.

In the opinion of Hoog Tijd voor Andersom women’s empowerment is essential to let local initiatives succeed. Every initiative offers opportunities to promote women’s empowerment, such as

  • livestock projects
  • education projects
  • health care projects
  • family planning projects
  • training
  • agricultural development
  • entrepreneurship and own initiatives
  • employment projects
  • vocational training
  • projects to make clean drinking water available
  • sanitation projects
  • marketing products
  • micro credits
  • the use of tools

On our page Overview of projects you will find several projects in which Hoog Tijd voor Anders is or has been involved.