About us

The Hoog Tijd voor Andersom foundation was established in 2012 and registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 55865666.

Initiators are Helma Nijsen, Henkees Smit, Arend Jan Nell, Hans Nijssen (consulting firm Andersom) and Reinier Taudin Chabot (consulting firm Andersom).

The board consists of the following members:

  • Helma Nijssen (chair)
  • Piet Penning (treasurer)
  • Arend Jan Nell (secretary)

Hoog Tijd voor Andersom (Change is on its way) is of the opinion that development should strengthen people’s own responsibility: after all every human being owns his or her own future. Hoog Tijd voor Adnersom is of the opinon that it should support people that take their own responsibility, as this will help achieving personal and joint objectives.

Hoog Tijd voor Andersom confirms that it:

  • Regards injustice as one of the main causes of poverty;
  • Beliefs that every human being has to right to a fair income, food, health care, education, a safe life and the possibility to have his or her voice heard;
  • Therefore want to support people who come up for their rights, who fight for a decent living or who aim to reduce hunger, poverty and exploitation;
  • Wants to devote itself to achieve the above directly or indirectly.