Overview of projects

Realised projects 2016

  1. Jaboya Group – Lake Victoria Training entrepreneurship and supply of seeds and solar lamps
  2.  Betty Siwa – Rangala School fee and accommodation fee student secondary school
  3. Women’s prison – Kisumu Training entrepreneurship sanitary towels and soap making
  4. Women’s Micro loans Several micro loans for entrepreneurships / trainings
  5. Rangala Baby Home Training garden manager and supply of seeds/vegetables
  6. Neenke’s ECD at St.Peter’s School Building 3 classrooms with furniture and learning/playing material. Realisation of sports grounds and sports material. Start training teachers’ development program.
  7. Rangala Baby Home  Donation of 2 cows


Realised projects 2015

  1. Rangala worker Repairing roof parents’ home
  2. Several micro loans For sanitary towels, chicken farm, shoe repair and vegetables
  3. Rangala ECD Mosquito nets for the children
  4. St. Peter’s Primary School – Buriang’i Building classes 3 and 4, building toilet group
  5. Phaustine’s Baby Home – Matayos Building girls dormatory and kitchen
  6. Rangala Baby Home Purchasing land for growing vegetables and farming


Realised projects 2014

  1. Esther’s Womens group – Mumias Investment for breeding machine chicken farm. Donation for chicken
  2. St. Peter’s Primary School – Buriang’i Building and renovating classes 1 & 2, building toilet group and supply water facilities, donation for books and learning material
  3. St. Peter’s Primary School Buriang’i Training facilities for teachers and headmaster
  4. St. Peter’s Primary School – Buriang’i Donation of seeds for maize
  5. Odeso Group – Kisumu  Supply watertank and waterpump
  6. Women’s micro loans Providing loans to women for solar lamps


Realised projects 2013

  1. Rangala Baby Home – Rangala Banana plantation and vegetable garden, building sheds for cows, chicken farm and chicken coop
  2. Phaustine’s Baby Home – Matayos Building baby home for 32 children
  3. Esikulu CBO Papaya plantation and water supply for plantation
  4. Mulwakari Women’s Group Training hygiene and entrepreneurship, donation for chicken breeding machine and supply of 100 chicken


Realised projects 2012

  1. Voluntary self-help group Esikulu Establishment of restaurant
  2. Esikulu CBO Soya beans plantation
  3. Training entrepreneurship for women-Esikulu Training hygiene products and water hygiene
  4. Support community health workers-Siaya Training hygiene, donation of trading goods
  5. Sewing workshop – Willibrorda Coton Workshop and material donation
  6. Kakamega Women’s Prison Hands-on workshop income generating activities
  7. Soap production & entrepreneurship – Rangala  Training soap & sanitary towels
  8. Safe Water – supply water kiosk Odeso group Training hygiene and donating water kiosk
  9. Rangala Baby Home Medical control and treatment